5 Great Banking Apps for Borderless Living

The new wave of financial apps makes global banking as easy as ABC Looking for an easier way to manage your money and multiple currencies while living abroad? Check out these banking apps Living globally often means having to deal with different

Golden Visas Fuel EU Property Price Growth

Investment for visa schemes driving prestige property development EU countries offering various investor residency schemes experience strong demand for premium property The number of Non-EU expats applying for EU residency through various golden visa programmes made available by EU member states has

Is It Time to Invest in the Cannabis Industry?

Alternative investments enthusiasts exhibit more confidence in cannabis stock With Canada having legalised marijuana and the U.K. considering allowing cannabis for medicinal purposes, is it time to consider pot stock investment? It’s boom time for the pot industry: Canada has just legalised

Take a Look at China’s Fast Growing Property Investment Opportunities

International investments are being ploughed into the Chinese property market Global investors now regard China’s more mature property market as a great opportunity to access one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. As China’s fast-growing companies and the innovation economy are transform the

Mortgage Providers Expanding Offers for UK Expats

UK property investment still a good option for expats With growing interest in expat mortgages, lenders are relaxing borrowing criteria and offering more products to Britons living abroad Despite the recent tax changes and 3% stamp duty for UK landlords, the UK

Interest Rises in UK Build-to-Rent Investment Schemes

Institutional property investors changing UK’s rental market Build-to-rent property investment is burgeoning in the UK; are private landlords becoming a thing of the past? As private landlords are coming under more scrutiny for the quality and management of their housing stock combined

The UAE Easing Rules for Expats and Global Investors

New Company Ownership and Residency Laws Coming into Force The United Arab Emirates is changing the rules governing foreign company ownerships and expat residency in a bid to attract skilled workforce and investors. In the attempt to lure global investments and skills

Western Australia Hikes Up Foreign Property Investor Surcharge

Buying an investment property in Australia has just become more expensive. The state government of Western Australia declared they would hike its Foreign Buyers Surcharge to 7%. Foreign investors planning to buy a property in Western Australia will now have to pay

British Insurers Potentially Barred from Paying Pensions to Expats

Post-Brexit cross-border payments still unresolved Retired Britons living in the EU countries risk losing access to their private pensions after transition ends. British pensioners who are residing in Europe could face a serious problem accessing their pensions after the UK leaves the

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