Cryptocurrencies Crossed a Major Threshold in 2017

Despite Bitcoin’s dizzying performance and politicians tightening up regulations, cryptocurrencies look set to stay. Governments and politicians are naturally very suspicious of cryptocurrencies – they do belong to disruptive technologies and aim at existing monetary systems. Speaking at Davos, the UK PM

As Stock Markets Plunged, Gold… Didn’t Rise

With stock markets down the expected gold price growth hasn’t happened yet. Is gold losing its appeal? As Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell declared on Tuesday in his first testimony to the House financial services committee that there could be four small

The Changing Face of UK Property Investment

UK property market is facing an interesting year trying to determine its way under the influence of many internal and global factors The Guardian has reported that the UK housing market had got off to subdued start in 2018 with London sales slowing

Pound Could Get Stronger as Germany and Italy Vote This Sunday

Elections in Germany and Italy this Sunday might stir pound to life if the results aren’t Euro friendly. Following years of Euro elections and the influence of their outcome on the Pound-Euro exchange rates, Paul Meggyesi, vice president of global currency and

Apple Repatriating Its Overseas Cash Stash Back to the US

Apple is bringing almost all of its overseas fund back to the States and the amount of cash being repatriated has alresy excited investors. Following the tax reforms that president Trump signed in the end of December 2017, Apple is bringing back

British Expats’ Property Investment Interest is Homebound

British expats are actively investing in UK property market, says Skipton International citing the rise of buy-to-let mortgage applications from UK expats. Skipton International, an offshore bank specialising in various expat financial products including buy-to-let mortgages, have reported that they have been

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