Diamond Trading Revolutionised by Blockchain Based Exchange

Trade diamonds with ease and transparency, – says blockchain based diamond exchange CEDEX aiming to revolutionise the usually murky diamond trading industry. Investors with diversified portfolios traditionally regard precious metals and diamonds as the most stable stores of value and use them

Markets Perk Up at the US Jobs Report

As the US jobs report takes markets by surprise showing figures exceeding expectations, investors show more confidence despite trade wars prospect. US jobs report shows that there has been a bigger than expected growth in new jobs, however, the wages aren’t going

Singapore Tops Best Countries for Expat Women Chart

Over 70% of female expats in Singapore say the destination is best for income growth and personal fulfilment. Singapore has emerged as the leader among the top countries for expat women to make a career and increase their earnings potential, suggests HSBC’s

Venezuela’s Crypto Coin Petro Going to be Auctioned

The Venezuelan government will be auctioning the petro on the country’s official foreign exchange platform. As it was announced on Tuesday by the vice president of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami, that Venezuelan cryptocurrency ‘el petro’ will be auctioned through the Complementary Floating

Prime Market in Dubai is Cheaper Now Than in Any Other Major City

Dubai’s luxury property market has reached its lows and now offers a great value for money. According to Core Savills report “DUBAI INVESTMENT OUTLOOK: Opportunities and Risks 2018”, Dubai luxury property market is demonstrating lower prices than most prime locations in the world. As

Markets Duck as Trump Expanding Trade War Plans

Markets worries as the resignation of Gary Cohn means the White House has lost a strong free-trade proponent. President Trump’s resolve to further engage in trade protectionism and the prospect of trade wars that might follow have supressed European and Asian stock

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