Interest Rises in UK Build-to-Rent Investment Schemes

Institutional property investors changing UK’s rental market Build-to-rent property investment is burgeoning in the UK; are private landlords becoming a thing of the past? As private landlords are coming under more scrutiny for the quality and management of their housing stock combined

The UAE Easing Rules for Expats and Global Investors

New Company Ownership and Residency Laws Coming into Force The United Arab Emirates is changing the rules governing foreign company ownerships and expat residency in a bid to attract skilled workforce and investors. In the attempt to lure global investments and skills

Western Australia Hikes Up Foreign Property Investor Surcharge

Buying an investment property in Australia has just become more expensive. The state government of Western Australia declared they would hike its Foreign Buyers Surcharge to 7%. Foreign investors planning to buy a property in Western Australia will now have to pay

British Insurers Potentially Barred from Paying Pensions to Expats

Post-Brexit cross-border payments still unresolved Retired Britons living in the EU countries risk losing access to their private pensions after transition ends. British pensioners who are residing in Europe could face a serious problem accessing their pensions after the UK leaves the

Britain’s Overseas Tax Havens Facing Overhaul

UK government pushes for transparent system of company ownership in BOTs British Overseas Territories will be forced to make public the beneficial owners of companies registered in their jurisdictions. On May 1 the UK Parliament approved a legislative amendment making it obligatory

Netherlands to Cut Time Limit for 30% Tax Break for Expats

Dutch employers are concerned over expat tax changes The Netherland’s government is reducing the time limit for 30% tax break for expats from 8 to 5 years. The Netherlands are cutting down the time period during which professional expats working in the

10 Best Countries to Work Abroad for a Higher Income

Gross and after tax income in highest paying countries Have you been offered a great assignment abroad with an impressive expat benefit package? Check what you’ll get after tax. It’s a well-known fact that professional expatriates tend to earn more than their

Top Three Tax Friendly EU Countries To Run Your Business From

EU tax hotspots for businesses and entrepreneurs Looking for an ideal location in Europe to relocate your business and reduce your tax bill? Here are Expat Investor’s top business jurisdictions in the EU. When choosing a location for your new or existing

9 Most Popular Places for Britons to Retire Abroad

Find your ideal retirement hotspot This is where to retire abroad for a better weather, healthier lifestyle and in some cases a bit more cash in your pocket. Retirement overseas is as popular a sport for Brits as ever. Every year a

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