Brits Eyeing Dordogne Towns as Their Post-Brexit Home

Dordogne - France

Brits who want to keep one foot in EU after Brexit seeking French Properties

The southwest of France is experiencing a surge in British property hunters rushing to secure a home and residency in the sun before the Brexit day comes.

Brexit day will arrive on March 29, 2019 and with less than a year left the clock is ticking, sending many would-be expatriates in a frenzy of hunting for a home abroad.

Since the start of 2018 a quiet Dordogne’s town of Eymet has experienced an overwhelming interest from Brits looking to acquire a property overseas.

Although local estate agents were optimistically counting on the fact that Brexit would boost their sales, in the end even they were unprepared for such a boost in the numbers of British buyers.

During the first two months of 2018, one agency reported they had already reached almost a third of their estimated annual sales, and the enquires are still on the rise. Interest from potential buyers is 20 times bigger than usual for the time of the year.

Other agencies are going through a similar boom.

Some buyers come literally for a week and are prepared to leave with a house bought and paid for so that they could start qualifying for residency.

March 29, 2019 is very much the deadline for them even though with the transition period that has been agreed this month, both Brits looking to settle abroad, and EU citizens thinking of coming to Britain, should now have a little longer, until December 2020.

The boom is fuelled mostly by young professionals who feel they need to sort everything necessary to retain their rights by getting in and qualifying for French residency by the time Brexit is official.

Many of those planning to relocate are looking to set up a business in their new country of residence and settle there for good.

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